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International Students

As someone already studying outside of your home country, we probably don’t need to tell you how valuable study abroad can be. Did you know that in addition to study abroad opportunities, there are also off-campus programs in the US? Regardless of where you choose to study, programs can offer greater depth to your area of study, help you to gain valuable research or internship experience, and build your resume for your career or graduate school. 

In order to participate in these experiences, you may have different requirements from the US peers on your program, both in terms of entry to another country and in maintenance of your F-1 visa status. Did you know that our Center has a staff member dedicated to helping students navigate these issues, both in the US and abroad? It’s important to keep the Center for Global Programs involved in your plans, so get in touch directly with Dr. Morayo Akinkugbe, International Student Advisor. 

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