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Disability and Accessibility

The Center for Global Programs is committed to helping students find a program that fits their needs. You should note that accessibility laws, medical care, medications, and attitudes on health and well-being differ from country to country. Be proactive and flexible, as accommodations may take longer to arrange or be handled differently than at Denison. Just as programs may not specialize in all subjects, some programs may be better suited to your personal or accommodation needs. A longer timeline does not mean a lack of support, however. We encourage you to start thinking now about all of what makes you successful in your classes and your life on campus, and how you will access those resources abroad.

If you regularly receive ongoing treatment for any medical or mental health conditions, we encourage you to think about how you will access your continuing care on your program. Will your insurance cover you abroad? Common medications in the US may not be available in some countries, and you may need to bring a supply for the whole term with you or switch to a generic medication (mailing medication across borders is illegal without a license). It’s best to learn this before you go, so you should start the conversation early. Another frequent request is for counseling, which is likely to be viewed differently outside of the US. Your should know that Denison's Hoaglin staff and counselors cannot provide telehealth or other remote care, so you should plan to use local resources. If you regularly see a counselor, consider asking your program for recommendations of local practitioners before you go, and even think about setting up an appointment early in the program, before you think you may need it. 

Below we have included some helpful resources to serve as a guide. We will serve as a partner, and encourage you to advocate for yourself throughout this process, as you know your needs best. We welcome you to discuss your situation and plans further with us by making an appointment or sending us an email: Meghan Mason,

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