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LGBTQIA+ Students

Each country, and sometimes different communities within the same country, will have different laws, attitudes, and beliefs about gender identity and sexual orientation. When you study abroad, you have an opportunity to view these attitudes from a new perspective and deepen your own understanding. Just as you navigate different cultures in your home, on campus, with your family, friends, in formal and informal settings, there will be numerous cultures to navigate abroad as well. Your existing skills, combined with local knowledge from insiders like your study abroad program provider, can help you navigate the transition successfully.

You may wonder whether your identity will be accepted and embraced, or worry that you will feel isolated. When choosing a program, recognize that some locations are more open than others, and consider whether that is an important factor in choosing a program. Before you go, you should take some time to research the situation in your host community. Think about the laws, the climate for queer people in day-to-day life, and whether your healthcare needs are readily accessible. If the official language isn’t English and if you plan to be out, you may want to learn some words related to your identity in the local language.

Below we have included some helpful resources to serve as a guide.  Did you know that our Center has a staff member dedicated to helping students navigate these issues? We welcome you to discuss your situation and plans further with us by making an appointment or sending us an email: Meghan Mason,
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