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Pre-Departure Course - Beyond the Hill

Beyond the Hill 

In the semester prior to studying off-campus, students are invited to register for Beyond the Hill (INTD-211). This pre-departure course looks at issues of culture, identity, adjustment, skills building, and more! Our group will engage in dialogue and reflection prior to departure. We aim to create a community of students preparing for this experience to help with the transition both to the host city as well as the transition back to Denison following the experience off campus.

This course is paired with Home to the Hill (INTD-212), a 3-day workshop-style class that takes place just before classes begin the semester you return to campus. Students enrolling in both Beyond the Hill and Home to the Hill will receive 1 credit, P/F grading (taking Beyond the Hill is a prerequisite for taking Home to the Hill). **In order to get credit, you must participate in both courses.** Only students that have completed Beyond the Hill are eligible for the Home to the Hill workshop upon their return to campus. Please see the Denison Course Catalog for full details. 

Beyond the Hill meets six times and usually starts mid-way through the semester. 

Whether you’ve travelled extensively already, chosen to leave your home country to study at Denison for four years, or never before left the U.S., this course is for YOU. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Dr. Johnson Fowler in the Center for Global Programs. 

Flyer for the Spring 2024 Course

(Open to students approved for Summer & Fall 2024 off-campus study programs)

Class meets on six Thurdays, 3:00 - 4:20 starting March 21st. 
Beyond the Hill - SP24