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Travel Documents


You need a passport to travel outside the United States (including Mexico and Canada). Passport applications are provided at:
Students are responsible for all costs associated with passport application and renewal. If you already have a passport, ensure that it is valid for the full length of your time abroad, plus six months beyond the scheduled date of return. Apply for your passport early. Processing the application takes time. The OCS office is equipped to  take passport photos for your passport application at a minimal cost of $2/photo.
Remember: your passport is the most important document you have while outside the United States. Know where it is at all times and keep it in a secure place. Make color copies of the inside information page. Keep one for yourself [not in your luggage] and give one to a family member.
OCS highly recommends that at least one parent/guardian obtain a passport so that travel will not be unduly delayed in the case of a medical or personal emergency.


Your program provider is the best source of information about necessary visa applications. In some cases, the program provider will help you obtain a visa, in others they will provide you the information about how to obtain a visa, but It is your responsibility to obtain them on your own. Visa and passport regulations vary based on the country that issues your passport and the countries you wish to enter.   Non-US citizens, including permanent residents, studying abroad must meet different visa requirements than U.S. students. This requires earlier preparation and planning. Please contact your program provider in a timely manner to review specific visa requirements and/or immigration restrictions that may impact you. Be aware that visa processing can take up to 6 weeks or more, so be sure to begin the process promptly upon acceptance into your off-campus program.