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Financial Aid Policies

The comprehensive cost estimate for any given program on the Denison accepted list is available from the program provider. However, to determine whether a program is affordable, students should consider out-of-pocket expenses as well as the invoiced program fees. 

To promote off-campus study, Denison does not require students to pay its tuition or room/board fees during their term off-campus. Students pay a nominal administrative fee to Denison of $290 for a summer program, $960 for a semester program, and $1060 for an academic year of study with the same program or provider.  This fee covers the administrative support associated with off-campus study as provided by various campus offices, as well as supplemental emergency insurance coverage.

Denison students may pursue one semester of off-campus study with institutional aid eligibility. While Denison does not provide institutional merit-based aid for off-campus study, institutional need-based aid is available for eligible students. Federal grants, state grants, and Federal loans are the initial sources for meeting financial need for eligible students. To apply institutional need-based aid to an off-campus study program, students must complete their FAFSA by the late-March deadline advertised by the Denison Office of Financial Aid. It is important to note that there are generally well fewer financial aid resources for summer study. All specific questions about aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

Outside Scholarships & Grants