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Withdrawals and Dismissals

Students who withdraw from a program after being admitted are required to notify our office in writing immediately. Policies related to late withdrawal vary according to each program. Withdrawals almost always result in forfeiture of deposit and, in some cases, a student may be held liable financially for expenses paid by the program provider in preparation for their participation. Students should make themselves aware of late withdrawal policies by checking the program provider’s website and contacting the program’s billing office.

Students dismissed from a program will receive zero credits for all courses enrolled. Examples of student behavior that can lead to immediate dismissal include, but are not limited to the following: illegal drug use, abuse of alcohol, failure to attend classes or other activities associated with the program, unauthorized absence[s]from the program, arrests, and any other violations of program policies. 

We encourage students to carefully review program policies and/or student handbooks regarding withdrawal and dismissal from the program provider.