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Application Process

The majority of students at Denison begin the process of applying for study abroad during the fall semester of the sophomore year. The application process, consisting of the four phases outlined below, is carried out during the sophomore year in preparation for study abroad during the student's junior year, or the summer following the sophomore year.
The first step in the process of applying for off-campus study is participation in Study Abroad 101 (SA101). Study Abroad 101 modules are offered throughout the fall semester, concluding October 16th. You can read more about SA101 (and how we've moved this online for Fall 2020!) and sign up for a spot by visiting this page

Upon completion of SA101, students are required over the next two weeks to attend at least one group advising session. The dates and topics for the group sessions are shared with students following successful completion of SA101. This email, containing a link to sign up for group advising sessions, is typically sent at the conclusion of the student's scheduled SA101 week (e.g., Friday or the following Monday). Students are encouraged to attend multiple sessions, but are only required to attend one. Between conclusion of SA101 and submission of the Post-Advising Program Proposal ("pre-application" or PAPP - see below), students must meet with their Academic Advisor to complete an Academic Planning Form (APF). The APF asks the student and their advisor to list the courses still required for graduation and account for the term the student plans to be off campus. We recommend that students reach out to their Advisor right away to prevent any delays in your application process. If your advisor is not available, you can also meet with a faculty member in your major department. Note that this form must be signed by your advisor/faculty member in your department and then uploaded to your Advising Application. 

Within 24 hours of the conclusion of your first group advising session, we will open your Post-Advising Program Proposal (PAPP) in Glocal Tools. You will have three weeks to submit this our office (or, at the latest, by November 20, 2020). In this “pre-application” you will identify your first-choice program and a very solid and appealing second-choice program. This application itself will not take long to complete - what will take time is researching and evaluating various programs and deciding on the one you wish to apply to. Note that the Academic Planning Form (APF) must be submitted correctly before submitting the PAPP, otherwise we will not be able to review your application. 

Once you submit this PAPP to our office, we will review it within approximately one week. If your program choice is viable, we will then open a Program Application in Global Tools for your first-choice program and email you to let you know to get started. This is your actual application! You will be asked to read and sign a series of travel-related policies, write personal essays, chart out the courses you wish to take abroad, and request a faculty recommendation. All applications are due to our office by December 18, 2020.

TIMELINE: Students must participate in the Study Abroad 101 session no later than October 16th and are encouraged to attend as early in the fall semester as possible. The sooner students start the application process, the better chance they will have to open an application for their first-choice program. 
Following the student's advising appointment, the study abroad Advisor will open a Post Advising Program Proposal (PAPP) on the website. The student should work to complete this proposal within three weeks time or, at the latest, by November 15. During this final stage of researching programs, we encourage the student to contact student returnees to inquire about their experiences. A list of Student Ambassadors is provided on the Global Tools website under the Student Voices tab.  A complete list of student returnees is available as Learning Content in the student's Advising Application.  

Students are encouraged to take advantage of walk-in advising offered.

The Post Advising Program Proposal requires the student to finalize his/her program list to one first-choice program, and one alternative program. The student should offer a thoughtful and well-articulated rationale for proposing study on his/her first-choice program, and address each question in full.

It is important to note that enrollment caps apply for specific terms and, in some cases, individual programs. For this reason, we encourage students to submit a thoughtful and complete Post Advising Program Proposal within three weeks of the one-on-one appointment with a study abroad Advisor. The final deadline for submitting the Post Advising Program Proposal is November 15, 2020, but an early submission provides the student with an opportunity to secure his/her preferred semester of study, and to receive a participation spot on the student's first choice program.

Post Advising Program Proposals will be reviewed in the order they are received. Students who submit a successful application, and meet the minimum eligibility requirements for their first-choice program, will have a program application opened in  Students who submit a Post Advising Program Application that is unsatisfactory, or otherwise requires a follow-up discussion with a study abroad Advisor, will be contacted about scheduling an appointment before moving forward.

TIMELINE: The Post Advising Program Proposal should be completed within three weeks time following the student's advising appointment or, at the latest, by November 15th.
Upon successfully completing the PLAN and PROPOSE phases, we will open an application for the student in for their first choice program. Students applying for study abroad during Summer 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 must complete the APPLY phase by the priority deadline of December 18, 2021.  Please ensure that you submit everything that is required. Our staff will confirm applicant eligibility by reviewing the student’s GPA, fall semester grades, and the student’s campus judicial record. 

The Center for Global Programs will review program applications and notify students about the outcome of their application on or before the following dates.

 Planned Time Abroad                         Date of Notification
Applicants for Summer 2021              February 15, 2021

Applicants for Fall 2021                      March 15, 2021

Applicants for Spring 2022                 April 15, 2021 **

 **Please note that it may be necessary to defer approval for a Spring 2021 applicant until grades from Spring 2021 are finalized.  In those cases, we will communicate directly with the applicant and determine the final outcome by June 1, 2021.

TIMELINE:  All program applications opened for students following the successful completion of the PLAN and PROPOSE phases must be completed in full and submitted by December 18, 2020.
Once a student’s program application is approved by our office he/she will receive the off-campus study Decision Letter and be instructed to begin the application process with the program provider (Arcadia, CIEE, DIS, SFS, etc.).  This application is independent of the application the student has submitted in  In most cases, the application is available online.  The student is responsible for submitting the program application in full by the program provider’s deadline.

Students approved for off-campus study will be required to attend a mandatory orientation conducted by our staff.  Orientation dates will be provided well in advance so that students can plan accordingly.  Students approved for off-campus study during summer or fall semester will participate in the orientation in the spring. Students approved for off-campus study during January-term, May-term, or the spring semester will participate in the orientation in the fall.

The student will be asked to complete additional tasks in before departing for off-campus study.  These tasks are detailed under PREPARE in  Students should note any deadlines associated with completing these tasks.

TIMELINE:  Students are encouraged to note the program provider application deadline and to apply well in advance.  Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 applicants should apply to their program provider no later than March 15, 2021.  Spring applicants should apply no later than June 1, 2021.