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Application Process

Please note that the deadline to start the application process for next year has now closed.

The Off-Campus Study application consists of three phases, beginning in fall semester in preparation for off-campus study the following summer or either semester of the following academic year. Most Denison students apply to study away during the fall semester of the sophomore year and study abroad during their junior year. Below is the timeline to apply for Summer 2024, Fall 2024, or Spring 2025 programs.

Advising & Program Selection
Open an Advising & Program Selection application by October 27, 2023
Watch Study Abroad 101 and attend OCS Group Advising by October 31, 2023
Submit Advising & Program Selection application by NOVEMBER 6, 2023

Denison Program Application
Program Applications due by DECEMBER 7, 2023
Applications reviewed by CfGP starting in January

You’ll begin with Advising & Program Selection. After you click to get started- anytime before October 27th- you will complete a profile and watch the Study Abroad 101 videos, which walk you through your next steps. The deadline to complete everything is November 6th, but we suggest you work as quickly as possible.

Advising & Program Selection Checklist

1. Study Abroad 101 video module and assessment
2. Meet with your academic advisor to complete the Academic Planning Form 
3. Attend at least one OCS Group Advising Session to consider potential programs before October 31st
4. Read the additional information materials included in your Advising & Program Selection application and review programs available in Global Tools
5. Complete the Program Preference Form and hit Submit by November 6th

Please note: we place participation limits on individual programs and terms. Space is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to when you submit this phase. We strongly suggest that you complete the Advising & Program Selection phase as early as possible to have the best chance to secure your preferred semester and program of study. 

Students applying for two semesters of Off-Campus Study within their academic career- either one full academic year on one program or two semesters on two different programs- must undergo review for the second semester. Students should articulate a strong academic rationale for spending two semesters away from Denison. Students are expected to thoroughly discuss their plan with the faculty advisor. They will be required to pay the OCS administrative fee for both semesters.

We review Advising & Program Selection materials in the order that they are submitted. We will email you to notify you that we have opened a program application for you OR we will email to follow up to discuss alternative options in the event that neither your first nor your second-choice program is feasible.


Once a Denison program application has been opened for you, you will log into Global Tools and see your application now has your program name at the top and you will have new materials to complete. You will be asked to outline your academic plan for the term abroad, enter some important information, and carefully read OCS policies. Once you have completed all of the requirements, you will see a new SUBMIT button appear to finish your application.
All Denison Program Applications are due to our office by December 7, 2023. 
We will begin reviewing and communicating decisions for Denison Program Applications in January. We will review Summer applications first, followed by Fall and Academic Year applications, and finally January-Term and Spring applications.

Once your program application is approved by our office you will receive our off-campus study Decision Letter and be instructed to begin the application process with your program provider. This application is independent of the application you submitted in Global Tools. Please note that approval by our office does not equate to approval by your program provider, so it is in your best interest to apply early. You are responsible for submitting the program application in full by the program provider’s deadline (these vary among programs, so be sure to note the deadline for YOUR program). If you should not be accepted into your program, we will work with you to identify an alternate option, but if you wait too long, program deadlines for other programs will have already passed.

As part of your application process with your provider, you will be asked to complete a home school authorization form in which our office must sign off to verify that you have been approved by Denison. You can send this form to OCS Advisors Dr. Johnson Fowler (fowlerc) or Meghan Mason (masonm) and we will complete this on your behalf. 

During this phase, you will be asked to complete additional tasks that will be added to your Global Tools application at the time you are approved by our office. You will be asked to upload important information, read through a series of policies that impact off-campus study, and sign waivers. You will also find instructions for processes that must be completed outside of Global Tools prior to departing for your off-campus study program (e.g., the course approval process to ensure credits from off-campus study transfer back to Denison). Once all requirements are submitted, you will participate in our pre-departure orientation, which is mandatory for all students to secure final approval for off-campus study, so please note and adhere to deadlines provided. 

Denison’s Orientation is offered virtually via Global Tools and consists of a series of videos, handouts, and a final assessment. Students approved for off-campus study during summer or fall semester must participate in the orientation in the spring. Students approved for off-campus study during January-term or spring semester must participate in the orientation in the fall. Failure to complete this orientation successfully will result in Denison revoking approval of your off-campus study plans. 

Just prior to orientation, our office will verify your disciplinary status with the Office of Community Values and Conflict Resolution.