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Student Ambassador/Intern Team

Cherubini Ambassador PhotoHope Cherubini ‘21
OCS Intern (cherub_h1)
Psychology Major and Organizational Studies Concentration
DIS Copenhagen: Positive Psychology in Denmark
Ask Me About: The time I accidentally bought yeast instead of butter at a Danish grocery store and tried to cook with it.

Reid Ambassador PhotoMark Reid ‘21
OCS Intern (reid_m1)
Environmental Studies and International Studies Double Major
Arcadia - University of Edinburgh in Scotland
Ask Me About: The time that I ate haggis and then became a vegetarian.

Anderson Ambassador PhotoLily Anderson '21
OCS Ambassador (anders_l2)
Economics Major
Arcadia London Summer Program
Ask Me About: The time I slept in an airport with two friends and a kind stranger.
Gunther Ambassador PhotoJake Gunther ‘22
OCS Ambassador (gunthe_j1)
Anthropology/Sociology Major & Narrative Journalism Concentration 
Planning to Study Abroad: SIT Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism & New Media
I am Looking Forward to: Immersing myself in a new culture and language and exploring a place that I've never been to before!
Hofeldt Ambassador PhotoSummer Hofeldt ‘21
OCS Ambassador (hofeld_s1)
Environmental Studies Major and Biology Minor
HECUA Italy: Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Justice
HECUA New Zealand: Culture and the Environment: A Shared Future
Ask Me About: The time I took a "shortcut” on a hike and added 3 hours to the trek!
Lopez Ambassador PhotoAnahí López ‘22
OCS Ambassador (lopez_a5)
Environmental and International Studies Double Major 
Had planned to study abroad: SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples & Globalization  (program cancelled)
I am Looking Forward to: being able to see the different Peruvian landscapes and life there.
Mack Ambassador PhotoDestiny Mack ‘21
OCS Ambassador (mack_d1)
Theatre and Black Studies Double Major
IES Dublin: Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland
Ask me about: The time I bought a burrito and lost it in a rainstorm.
Palasigue Ambassador PhotoTammy Palasigue ‘21
OCS Ambassador (palasi_t1)
Global Commerce and History Double Major
CIEE Santiago (DR): Liberal Arts in Santiago, Dominican Republic
Ask me about: When I was doing a scavenger hunt and my group waited 45 minutes for a taxi because we were waiting in the wrong location.

Sargent Ambassador PhotoMadeline Sargent ‘21
OCS Ambassador (sargen_m1)
International Studies and Spanish Double Major
CIEE Seville: Liberal Arts in Spain
Ask Me About: my 10-year-old host-grandchild Pablo who corrected my college level papers while I corrected his 5th grade English homework.

Schubert Ambassador PhotoSarah Schubert ‘21
OCS Ambassador (schube_s1)
International Studies and Spanish Double Major
SIT Buenos Aires: Social Movements and Human Rights in Argentina
Ask Me About: The time I changed my flight home so I could go to a J Balvin concert.

Summers Ambassador PhotoChase Summers ‘21
OCS Ambassador (summer_c1)
Global Commerce Major
SIT Switzerland: International Studies & Multilateral Diplomacy in Geneva, Switzerland
Ask Me About: The time I fell asleep on the train back to my homestay in Geneva and ended up halfway across the country in Lucerne.

Tumiwa Ambassador PhotoMaya Tumiwa ‘22
OCS Ambassador (tumiwa_m1)
Communication and Economics Double Major
Planning to study abroad: Cape Town, South Africa (program cancelled)
I am Looking Forward to: Taking the road less traveled and going to a part of the world that was completely unknown to me. South Africa has a diverse history and culture that I’m excited to immerse myself in.