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Students interested in exploring off-campus study are required to make an appointment with OCS. These appointments are available starting in April of the first year and continuing through Thanksgiving break of the sophomore year. This allows students ample time to formulate appropriate learning outcomes for an off-campus study experience, to explore a range of options among the Denison-accepted programs, and to carefully consider issues such as the timing of participation and integration with degree requirements.

Campus visits by representatives from the educational partners who offer accepted programs, as well as individual discussions with returned students and faculty members with relevant expertise, also provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about specific program opportunities.

Denison maintains a list of accepted off-campus programs that address the pedagogical and curricular concerns, as well as the academic standards, associated with a Denison liberal arts education. Since the list of accepted programs is subject to ongoing evaluation and adjustment, it is made available online.

Listed are all of the Accepted Off-Campus Study Programs available to students seeking an off-campus experience for the 2018-2019 academic year. For additional opportunities, please see Short Term & Summer Programs.