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Finances and Scholarships

Financing Off-Campus Study

For 2021-2022 Fall, Spring, and Academic Year Students

To determine whether a given program is affordable, students should consider out-of-pocket expenses as well as the invoiced program fees. A comprehensive cost estimate for any given program on the Denison accepted list is available from the program provider.

To promote off-campus study, Denison does not require students to pay its tuition or room/board fees during their term off-campus (except in the case of American University of Paris, University of Turku, Lingnan University, and Jacobs University). Denison presently charges a nominal administrative fee of $290 for a summer program, $960 for a semester program, and $1,060 for an academic year of study with the same program or provider.  This fee covers the administrative support associated with off-campus study as provided by various campus offices.

Denison students may pursue one semester of off-campus study with institutional aid eligibility. While Denison does not provide institutional merit-based aid for off-campus study, institutional need-based aid is available for eligible students. A student’s eligibility is based on the estimated cost of participation for the proposed off-campus study program and the estimated family contribution from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal grants, state grants, and Federal loans are the initial sources for meeting financial need for eligible students.

If a student’s need is not fully met by those funding sources, limited Denison grant funding is available to assist in meeting a portion of remaining need. OCS also awards a significant number of substantial grants, funded by the program providers, for students who have unmet need after the Denison financial packaging process.To be eligible to apply institutional need-based aid to an off-campus study program, students must complete their FAFSA by the late-March deadline advertised by the Denison Office of Financial Aid.

For Fall 2022 and Future Semesters

Denison students may pursue two semesters of off-campus study with all awarded institutional, need-based or merit aid, except work-study. Aid eligibility is based on the estimated cost of participation for the proposed off-campus study program and the estimated family contribution from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile (College Scholarship Service). Denison tuition remission and GLCA tuition remission can be applied for a semester of off-campus study. 
Students will be charged Denison tuition, room (multiple room rate), and meal plan (The Hill plan) for each semester abroad. Tuition will be equal to Denison’s full-time tuition which covers up to 18 credits. Students are also charged a non-refundable Denison off-campus study (OCS) Administrative Fee for each term abroad. The OCS Administrative Fee is currently $960 for semester study. Students are also responsible for paying any fees that are considered Program or University Deposits, Application fees, Commitment fees, or combination thereof. In most cases, these fees range from $300 to $500. These fees are due to the program provider immediately following acceptance to the program. Financial aid cannot be used to pay these fees, though some might be eligible for reimbursement.

Denison pays the program providers’ direct expenses. This includes tuition and other costs that are mandatory parts of the program (e.g. housing and meals, mandatory excursion fees, insurance). In addition, for students with any level of demonstrated financial need, Denison will pay the equivalent of round-trip airfare from Columbus, OH to the host city. There is no financial aid for any overage in fares that exceed the round-trip from Columbus. Students with no demonstrated financial need will be billed by Denison for the entire cost of the airfare.   

As part of our Denison Program Application in Global Tools, students will receive the full policy regarding financing off-campus study and are encouraged to share this information with any parties involved in helping to finance this experience. 

Summer and January Term Program Applicants

The OCS Administrative Fee (currently $290 for summer and January-term study) will be billed on student accounts for off-campus study. 

Because Denison does not offer a summer term, there is no financial aid available from Denison for summer programs. Many providers offer need-based scholarships and there are a small number of federal scholarships students can apply for (see below). We recommend that students look carefully at the costs listed on provider websites. When doing so, consider not just the program fee, but also other estimated fees (e.g., housing, food budget, local transportation, transportation to your host site). Note that typically the more credits a program offers, the higher the cost, so if you want to keep costs lower look at programs where you can earn 3-4 credits in the summer. You can read more about applying to J-Term and Summer programs here

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