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OCS Handbook

Off-Campus Study Policy and Guidelines Handbook

An Overview of Off-Campus Study at Denison

Learning through global experiences is integral to a Denison education. We provide individualized mentoring to help students craft their off-campus experience and take advantage of learning opportunities that foster global competencies essential in today’s workforce.  With more than 250 Denison-accepted off-campus study programs to choose from, students have many opportunities to realize the full potential of their education, hone a language, develop workplace skills, and maximize multicultural understanding.  

In addition to semester, or year-long off-campus study options, shorter term opportunities are also possible.  Denison Seminars, semester-long credit bearing courses with an off-campus travel component, are another way students can develop global competencies. Students can also participate in summer, short-term faculty-led credit bearing seminars.

There are many other opportunities for students to apply and extend their off-campus learning.  These include independent research, internships, and lectures that connect students to international educators and peers around the world. The Center for Global Programs (CGP) works closely with the Knowlton Center and Lisska Center to share information about the many global learning opportunities and resources available to Denison students.
Balancing Participation
Our office works hard to accommodate the off-campus study proposals of all qualified students. There are, however, two related points that impact this policy. First, our office establishes limits on the number of participants in some programs in order to facilitate optimal integration into the range of experiential learning contexts and communities. Second, to facilitate the sustainable management of Denison's on-campus housing resources, slots for off-campus study in the fall semester are awarded on a first come, first served basis based on the time and date that a program application is opened for the student in our office.
There are four exceptions to this policy:
  • the student is proposing a program that is only offered during the fall semester;
  • the student will be studying off campus during the senior year;
  • the student has a conflict with a specific course offering in her/his major program, as documented by the Academic Planning Form and confirmed by the appropriate department chair;
  • the student is on the team roster for a spring semester sport, as confirmed by the appropriate coach.
If studying off-campus in the fall semester is not covered by one of these exceptions, the student should plan to begin the off-campus study application process in the fall semester of her/his/their sophomore year.

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